A big misconception that many of us have is about being able to do a whole bunch of things at the same time and be able to get more accomplished this way OR as some would say Multitasking. I hate this word and you should too. This word will force you to get so overloaded and overstressed you will end up spinning your wheels many times. Many think you need to be able to talk on the phone, answer email, read your mail and listen to your staff – all at the same time. I’m serious – I even see people on their cell phone in the toilet – c’mon! I will let you in on a couple of things that will help you tremendously, both sound elementary, but the power of this is too big to ignore. First, realize that you will NEVER catch up with all that you have to do! You never will so, you need to stop the endless quest of “having so much to do and getting it all done” mindset because you will never really be “done”.

Secondly and more importantly is the ability to do one thing at a time until it is finished. Do the newsletter first, then do the direct mail campaign, then do your quarterly contact system, etc. If you do one thing at a time you will be much better off an you will actually get more accomplished and have better results as a consequence of doing things one at a time. You know that we have many apartment systems to choose from. Work on one at a time until you get it down, then, go on to the next thing. The power of one is very large and can have the greatest impact on your business. Get multitasking out of your vocabulary and let the competition use it.


Source by Darin Garman